Make way for a brand new year!

And so the end of 2017 is near!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who made the choice to shop handmade this year. When you shop small, you not only help a person’s business grow, but you help the family or families involved in that shop do things they might not have been able to do without your support.

There’s something that feels good about buying something from someone who is truly proud of and invests in the best possible materials and processes to complete their products. And I don’t just mean myself and my shop! 🙂

This holiday season I found gifts that were handmade and local more than ever before. Not only did I feel confident in my purchases, but I met some wonderful folks, learned a lot about their products, and I got to see the reactions when the people I love received some truly unique gifts. I was extremely lucky to even receive a couple handmade gifts of my own.

And oddly, though handmade is often knocked for being pricier, I don’t think I paid much more for locally made items compared to the prices of similar, sometimes not-as-nicely-made stuff sold in bigger stores. We have a lot of talent here in Niagara — and it’s often priced quite competitively too!

So again and always — thank you for loving handmade. Your makers, myself included, appreciate your support more than you know. I hope your holidays have been brilliant, safe and often delicious.

Have a safe and happy 2018!


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