Back to School is coming

It’s almost September. Some of our little ones may even be approaching their first day of school ever. (No, I don’t make adorable hankies, though at times such as these, I think they’d be appropriate.)

Whatever the case, if your kiddo is looking forward to starting school and helping you put together that perfect first day outfit, there’s plenty of time to order your own kid-sized infinity scarf from our shop.

Little infinity scarves for kids aged 2-5

Made from breathable, lightweight designer cottons, and designed for kids aged 2 to 5 — they’re not your average fashion scarf. They’re simple & sweet one-loop scarves (although I do have one that’s double looped!). Custom scarves are available by request.

Lots of prints are currently available. Have a look-see, and be strong, first ever day of school moms! <3

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