FRESH: The Meadow Quilt – 36×45 inches / 91×114 cm

Handmade bluebirds quilt

Here’s the latest quilt I’ve finished!

Handmade bluebirds quilt

Dreamy bluebirds and adorable florals with pops of spring green throughout.

Handmade meadow quilt

I was so happy to finish this one. It  gives such a fresh and sweet impression. This is my first time working with bamboo batting and I have to say, it’s wonderful! It has many added benefits for the finished quilt, such as drying quickly, antibacterial properties, eco friendliness and such a lovely drape. Ah!!

springtime quilt

Quilting is rough in that you want to keep every one you finish because you’ve put so much into it. Since I haven’t got much room for extra quilts though, you’ll find it on my store.

So! What do you think?

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